New protected bike lane complete on Greenpoint Avenue Bridge

Queens and Brooklyn-bound cyclists alike now have an easier commute, with a protected bike lane now open on the Greenpoint Avenue Bridge, which connects the two boroughs. Before, cyclists had to dismount their bikes and walk them over the half-mile bridge.

“The challenge we have in New York City is accommodating our growing and changing city and serving all the diverse needs it has,” said Ryan Russo, Deputy Commissioner for Transportation Planning and Management for the DOT. “If you came here before we implemented the bike lane you really had no accommodation for the fastest growing transportation mode in New York City, which is bicycling.”

The bridge, which connects an industrial stretch of Greenpoint Ave., draws heavy truck traffic. Russo said although the site wasn’t a particularly high-crash zone, the lack of a bike lane next to substantial traffic presented a heightened risk.

“[Cyclists] were literally taking their lives in their hands just going to their jobs, or their friends house,” he said.


Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.51.55 AM

DOT Deputy Commissioner Russo and DOT employees ride on the new bike lane.


LIC chef named a top 5 chef by It’s Queens the Mag

It’s Queens the Magazine: Top 5 Chefs in Queens



Fans of French-Canadian chef Hugue Dufour were upset when they heard that the original M. Well’s Steakhouse in Long Island City had shut down due to rent issues in 2011. Although Dufour and his wife, Sarah Obraitis, opened up theHugue2 M. Wells Dinette within MoMa’s PS1 museum, it still hadn’t captured the originally wild and unpredictable restaurant dining experience that they had become known for.

“We were upset that the rent kept increasing because the landlord saw the traffic coming into the diner,” Dufour said. “We had to leave but we eventually opened the dinette to earn enough money that we could reopen our own M. Wells.”
You can easily walk by the joint without realizing it’s a restaurant that was awarded a Michelin star in 2015. Funnily enough, Dufour originally sought out a place that could fit something else he really wanted: a boat. He’ll have to keep looking for a place because the second M. Wells has taken off.

There are a fair amount of dishes that have placed Dufour’s cooking on the tips of everyone’s lips. At a Brooklyn food festival, he once served grilled cheese sandwiches that contained foie gras, pork fat and horse meat. He wanted to serve a dish featuring horse meat at his restaurant, but there was too much public backlash to go through with it. At M. Well’s Dinette, there was a dish featuring chicken blood straight from the butcher. And at his current restaurant, the classic crowd pleaser is Truite Au Bleu. The dish is such a staple that he created a two-ton trough near the bar that houses the live Cold Spring trout.

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Astoria Party Space opens it’s doors to event planners

Looking for a venue to host a party or event? Whether it be a bachelor party, bridal shower or professional event; Astoria Party Space is suitable for any occasion.

Astoria Party Space, located at 40-19 20th Ave. in Astoria, is a 3,000 square foot, fireplace lit, cozy, state-of-the-art event space.


“I held a business networking event at Astoria Party  Space, and it was excellent!” said event planner, Karen M.  “The space was a good size and nicely equipped. James  from APS gave me a great deal on catering and he threw in  a DJ for only a bit extra,” said the Astoria resident.

“Astoria Party Space has the perfect balance of warmth and  elegance, tastefully crafted throughout,” proclaimed owner  James Diehl. “You can rent Astoria Party Space to host your  event, or we have packages, including: Food, Beverages, DJ  and Cake,” said the warm proprietor of Astoria Party Space.

Come by for a tour of our beautiful place and see why so  many of our clients are saying that our spot is the best  around!

Call James @ (516) 444 7012 for more details.


Labor and employment seminar in LIC tomorrow

Glenn Franklin, Esq, a specialist in labor and employment law will speak at a seminar at Melrose Ballroom tomorrow regarding current labor issues. Some of the topics to be touched on include: wage and hour, NYC earned sick time, independent contractors, unemployment and personal liability. There will be a Q&A session.


The seminar begins at 9 a.m. at Melrose Ballroom, 36-08 33rd St. in LIC. To reserve a free spot, call Arlene at (718) 932-3416, or e-mail